You're looking for classic and light-filled photos...

And you want to work with a photographer that is professional, yet fun!

I've been taking pictures of beautiful things ever since I was a child. I love giving you access to the tangible records of your natural connections-- in a way that is both elegant and accurate. 

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I'm Janice, taking photos since 2017

Who is the photographer?

I started out as a film photographer, taking casual photos at gatherings and events. I loved the challenge and creativity of capturing the variety of people and emotions.  Capturing connection has always been what I love the most. 

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What is it like to hire me?

The process varies depending on your needs, but here are the basics:

  • You make the initial contact with me and I will send you a contract 

  • We schedule the time for your portraits or wedding

  • After your photo session or wedding day, expect to get your photos delivered in 4-6 weeks! (4 weeks for portraits, up to 6 weeks for weddings)

Reviews from clients:

(No, it's not just limited to photography:)) 

A few other things I love:

  • Coke, not coffe
  • Classical music playing softly
  • Exploring other cultures. My favorites so far are San Francisco and Paraguay
  • Being a mom to my son, Hezekiah
  • The variety that comes with entrepreneurship

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