January 26, 2021

My “To Do” List

I am a procrastinator. I love impromptu parties. I struggle with insomnia. Would it surprise you if I told you that I struggle with accomplishing my goals? 😊 Fortunately, I now have a plan that helps me stay focused so that my goals can be accomplished! It includes creating a daily and monthly list of my tasks.

At one time I tried creating a daily list that was entirely too detailed. This type of list did not work, because I tried to schedule the time of day each thing on my list was to be done. I am a spontaneous person, and that type of schedule was a disaster for me. I then tried a more general approach. I started making one list, and then crossing each thing off as I went. That went well, but after I began working from home, I needed something that helped me stay a little more focused. I came up with the plan listed below. It is not as broad as the “one list idea”, but it gives me room for flexibility. I can swap days, or work until midnight if necessary. I find this very freeing, because it allows me to run errands, or to enjoy an impromptu coffee party without throwing my schedule totally out of whack. Here is what my schedule looks like, and how I keep it organized.   (This is not my exact list. I just created a list that is similar to my list, as an example.)

Daily List (Mon.-Fri.)

  • Check and respond to emails (everyday)
  • Wash dishes/sweep floor (everyday)
  • Read a chapter or two in a book (everyday)


  • Monday: write blog post/podcast/laundry
  • Tuesday: bookkeeping for Wittmer Kithens
  • Wednesday: edit pictures/podcast/laundry
  • Thursday: catch up day/podcast/laundry
  • Friday: clean/edit personal photos
  • Saturday: photo session/grocery shopping

Additional Tasks
  • Clean closet
  • sort baby clothes
  • watch educational videos

I work on additional tasks throughout the week whenever I need a break from my desk, or in the evening when I need something productive to work on.

Monthly Tasks

My goal is to accomplish monthly tasks within the first week of the month.

  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Reconcile credit card statements
  • Schedule credit card payments

This is what I use to accomplish goals. I still have the tendency to let things slide that are not pressing in the moment. Sometimes I need to “reset” my goals and try again. 😊

How do you accomplish your goals? Do you have a plan that works really well for you? If so, I would love to hear about it!