April 6, 2021

Justin & Katelynn

Justin & Katelynn waited a very long time for their wedding day! They were beyond excited and I think they appreciated the reality a bit more because of the long legal process that they walked through together. The loss of not having sisters at your wedding due to all the hassle with quarantine guidelines must have been extremely hard, but Katelynn didn’t let that dampen her joy. She and Justin were so happy and excited, I couldn’t help but rejoice with them!

Such happiness and such beautiful fresh cut flowers!
Katelynn’s beautiful dress with a lace overlay bodice. Also, the beautiful macrame done by Katelynn’s sister.
Cheesecake! Is your mouth watering yet?
I know it’s food, but it makes me sooo happy to see these appetizers displayed so beautifully.
I love the support from both their families shown through prayerful song following the ceremony. It blessed my soul so see the love and support of Justin & Katelynn’s families!
Also, can I also just talk about those good ‘ole country style ribs?!!
I love it when the bridal party is “crazy”!!
Notice the “gift boxes” (favors). Anyone want to guess what might be in them? 🙂 I’ll give you a hint. The kids really enjoyed it! 🙂