Glen & Lynetta's outdoor wedding


September 8, 2021

Glen & Lynetta Wedding

While getting married back at the cabin wasn’t the original plan, it worked out nicely because it provided shelter from the rain. Glen & Lynetta had lots of changes to their wedding plans within the last month due to sickness and Lynetta’s brother unexpectedly ending up in the hospital. They both cheerfully went with the flow and didn’t get to flustered about waiting a few more weeks for their wedding.

The rain held off until the very end of portrait time, and we were all quite grateful! I loved the beautiful light blue hydrangeas with the little splash of pink! It gave the portraits such a soft classy feel especially paired with the bridesmaids seafoam dresses!

As stated above, the cabin wedding was not the initial plan, but since Lynetta’s house also had a cabin feel (indoors), it felt like going to a cabin to get married was also a lovely idea! I often feel so privileged and honored to have such beautiful weddings to capture, and this one was no exception! The cabin where the ceremony took place was nestled back in a long, hidden drive just out of Loogootee nestled in the rolling hills of Martin County. (I’m assuming we had crossed over into Martin-didn’t verify.) It was a lovely, quiet, outdoor setting for the ceremony.

I really appreciated Lynetta’s generosity and kindness! She is a selfless kind-hearted person, and Glen’s sense of humor gives them a beautiful combination as a couple! Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your beautiful day, Glen & Lynetta! I pray that God would be the center of your lives in whatever you do and wherever life takes you!