October 21, 2021

Jarett & Kaitlyn Engagement

I nearly forgot about how lovely this outdoors place could be, until Kaitlyn mentioned taking pictures at Hindostan Falls. Since you can only take photos here when the river is down, it was a great time to take advantage of this beautiful setting!

I loved the long, flowy, blush-like skirt that Kaitlyn chose for one of her outfits! The classy, dressed up feel paired with Jarett’s navy and white was worth these beautiful images. I also loved the softness of the sage green for the more casual outfit choice!

I sure enjoyed spending time with Jarett & Kaitlyn! They take life as it comes and chatting with them was so much fun!!  Jarett does construction and helps with the design/drawing aspect of his job, while Kaitlyn holds down two jobs and is pursuing nursing. They take life in stride and their calm, steady dispositions were an encouragement to me!

This was on a day when their was rain in the forecast nearly all day long. We took the risk, and am I ever glad we did! We had cloudy weather, sunshine, and even a soft rainbow. The rainbow came about half way through, so don’t miss that photo when you are scrolling down!

Congratulations, Jarett & Kaitlyn, on your engagement!