November 18, 2021

Doug and Nancy

Doug and Nancy had a beautiful, but chilly, autumn day for their wedding! I especially loved Nancy’s cream colored dress against the fall foliage!

Doug’s sense of humor kept everyone in good spirits and by the end of the day I knew what his special signal was whenever he needed something photographed. 🙂 His humor paired so well with Nancy’s happy disposition! And oh, guess what?!-Doug works for Canon! That excites me because, yes, I use Canon gear! 🙂

I loved how close Doug and Nancy were to their families and friends. They cared so much for everyone of them and were so grateful to have them all as a part of their special day! Weddings are such a wonderful celebration of love, but they also remind us of our dear loved ones who have gone on before us. Jodi (Nancy’s sister) told us that Nancy’s father would be so proud of her! I love when family members, who have passed on, can be remembered even in times of celebration!

Small town hospitality is always a wonderful thing to experience, and Odon is no exception! I’d like to give a shoutout to Ketcham Nursing Home for allowing Doug and Nancy to have their wedding in the home where Nancy’s mother resides. The staff was very kind and accommodating! For the reception everyone went over to Casa Sevilla and enjoyed some good Mexican food. I know I’m probably biased when it comes to small town experiences, because Odon is where I’ve grown up all my life.

Congratulations, Doug and Nancy! I wish you many happy years together!