April 29, 2022

Travis & Donetta Wedding

Travis and Donetta had a beautiful spring day for their wedding. It was warm and windy, and we were grateful for the sunshine! We went to the Gastholf for most of the portraits which has the lovely, old, white barn nestled on the outskirts of Montgomery. The barn doors fit Donetta’s somewhat western-themed wedding.

We started out at Donetta’s house near Odon, IN. She had the cutest getting ready space, and yes, you guessed it- I found a lasso rope and cowboy hat gracing her bedroom wall and bed. She loves horses (surprise, huh? 🙂 ), so we made sure to capture a couple of Travis and her with Donetta’s horse. The doors for the guys getting ready shots were just as gorgeous as the barn doors where Donetta’s horse resided. They had a beautiful front lawn with gorgeous spring blooms, where we did the first look. Since it was so windy, we opted not to take as many portraits with the redbud because the white barn provided a better break from the strong wind.

Travis is a soft-hearted gentleman, and his adoration for Donetta was the sweetest ever. His caring spirit and devotion to his wife was absolutely precious. Since he is not a cowboy by nature, Donetta decided the boots weren’t a must. They added a little class to their day by wearing dress shoes and black coats (which made me happy). 🙂

Donetta has lots of younger siblings, and they were all so happy to help Donetta out. The miniature bride is her little niece, Brinley and she was so delighted to smile for all the pictures! Her one year old brother, Seth, was as squishy and cute as could be! Donetta loved her siblings as much as they loved her. Their bond was so precious, and I’m sure they will miss her lots! Travis (who happens to be my cousin) comes from a very small family, but I know that he will love on Donetta’s siblings(and niece), and they will love having him in the family!

Weddings are such happy days, but they are also days when we remember the loved ones who are no longer with us. Travis and Donetta had a table honoring Donetta’s uncle and Travis’s mother. Travis’s mother Geraldine, would be absolutely thrilled to celebrate with Travis. She loved her family dearly! I like to think that our loved ones can look down from heaven and smile, when they see us all happy and excited about special moments like this!

Congratulations, Travis and Donetta! Thank you so much for allowing me the honor of capturing such a beautiful day for you!