January 6, 2023

Conrad & Ayana Goshen, IN Winter Wedding

Conrad and Ayana were so thrilled to finally have their wedding day arrive. They were so, so happy, and it was exciting to see their excitement and joy as they committed their lives to each other. Their happy smiles brought cheer to all their guests, and their sheer joy may or may not have caused them to dance out of the church after being pronounced husband and wife! 🙂

Conrad and Ayana rented an Airbnb, “The Villa”, near Goshen, IN for family coming in, and for a nice, warm place for their photos. It was a beautiful, old house with lots of windows and dark wooden floors. The cute sun porch, and old staircase, and paned window doors gave the house such a rich, warm feel. It was a great place for photos, because the arctic blast with its blizzard-like winds, that swept across the US, hit on the very day of their wedding! We were so grateful to have planned for indoor photos! The old brick and iron gate outside with the snow covered ground, was quite beautiful, but with the zero degree temperature and 20+mph winds, we stayed indoors!

You’ve heard me rave about this before, but I think music is such an important part of a wedding day, and Conrad and Ayana thought so, too. They had such beautiful music beginning with the ensemble at the church, then everyone singing at the reception, and Ayana’s s siblings singing and playing guitar during the reception.

Conrad and Ayana enjoyed their day to the fullest, and I am so grateful they found each other and are now enjoying life together! Congratulations! I wish you God’s blessings as you live life together!