June 10, 2021

Darv & Leann Family

This beautiful setting located on the North side of Bloomington, Indiana turned out to be the perfect spot for kids. The creek and brick made for lovely backdrops and the park nearby kept the children entertained in between photos. We used it as a bribe! 🙂 I always love Leann’s taste. She has the knack for coordinating colors. Everytime I take their family photos I am amazed at her combinations! I love the pinks that she chose here. It pairs really nicely with the darker neutrals.

Darv is my brother. He came along five years behind my twin sister and I. He is the one that always has the funny memes and quirky jokes. Leann is the calm and collected one which helps her be a really good mommy to Mila & Graycn. Leann also has amazing talent when it comes to decorating. You should see her house! Darv is the one I run to for technical issues. If he doesn’t know, he usually knows where to go to figure it out. Mila is the big sister who loves to sing Jesus loves me while she plays. She is learning how to smile for pictures since she is getting bigger. She also adores her baby sister Graycn who we all think is the cutest ever! Enjoy these pictures!