Baby Hudson was as sweet and cute as ever and he has lots of proud siblings who love on him! He has wonderful parents who dearly care for him. I’m always amazed at parents who stay so calm in the midst of so many little ones to care for. Thank you so much, Lyndon and […]

I’ve known Teresa ever since she was born. She grew up living next door to my Grandma, so of course we got to see each other much more often than some of my cousins. Her husband Darrell keeps things fun and lively, and we had a blast taking these photos! 🙂 The little ones joined […]

I first got to know Brandon and Emily through my sister-in-law Leann. She happens to be Leann’s sister and I love chatting with her and Brandon. They are some of the kindest people ever when it comes to chatting about life! 🙂 They love their little baby girl Kennedy very much. As the first child […]

I’m always amazed at the preciousness of newborns. Maybe it’s their innocence, or their soft skin that gives me that sense of wonder when holding them. Maybe it’s simply their cute little heads that I adore. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because they don’t know what a troubled world they have just entered. Whatever the […]

This beautiful setting located on the North side of Bloomington, Indiana turned out to be the perfect spot for kids. The creek and brick made for lovely backdrops and the park nearby kept the children entertained in between photos. We used it as a bribe! 🙂 I always love Leann’s taste. She has the knack […]

I have known Amy for a long time. We spent one year together in school, and we were best of friends back then. After that year, we saw very little of each other and our paths did not cross much at all. Over the last few months, our paths have once again crossed, and we […]