I felt honored to capture this for my friend Katrina, and her sweet, sweet family! We had a beautiful evening in Glendale, Indiana, and finished up the session just ahead of the rain! Thanks so much for allowing me the honor of capturing these for you Mark and Katrina!

Little Briggs was the sweetest little guy ever! He may have made his appearance a few weeks early, but that isn’t keeping him from becoming a handsome little man! His mom and dad are super proud of him, and do a wonderful job of caring for him. (You have to scroll far enough to see […]

Jamison is certainly loved on by his parents and two beautiful sisters. He spent the first few weeks of his life in the hospital, so it had been extra special for his family to be together again at the time of this session. He is the sweetest little guy ever! And just check out his […]

Amayah was seriously the cutest ever! Her ruffled outfit made her ADORABLE! She was bright eyed for most of her portraits, but we didn’t mind! She is loved on by her Mom and Dad and big sister Everly, who’s endearing touch was so, so, very sweet! I photographed Nick and Krystal’s wedding a few years […]

I photographed my cousin Travis and Donetta’s wedding in the spring of 2022, so it was fitting that we should document their one year anniversary as well. I couldn’t figure out why they were carrying a bag with them through the grassy field, but I found out before the session ended! 🙂 They surprised me […]

I always love meeting up with former clients. Jonathan and Andrea were no exception, except, 🙂 they now have a little girl! Little Addalee was the sweetest ever and those pigtails were downright CUTE! Enjoy these beautiful photos from their session! Thanks so much, Jonathan and Andrea for allowing me to capture these for you!

Baby Garrett certainly rocked his springtime session. We were grateful for the really warm weather and the random spring blooms we found along the street! I had the privilege of photographing Daniel and Rosella when Trevor was a baby. It felt wonderful to meet up with them again, and photograph another little boy added to […]

Meet sweet, little baby Kenna who is absolutely adored by her brothers. Their affection towards her was so sweet, and I’m pretty sure they will always look out for her. 🙂 I have photographed Jeremy and Valerie before, and I loved working with them again. It is special for me to see growing families of […]

Baby Hudson was as sweet and cute as ever and he has lots of proud siblings who love on him! He has wonderful parents who dearly care for him. I’m always amazed at parents who stay so calm in the midst of so many little ones to care for. Thank you so much, Lyndon and […]

I’ve known Teresa ever since she was born. She grew up living next door to my Grandma, so of course we got to see each other much more often than some of my cousins. Her husband Darrell keeps things fun and lively, and we had a blast taking these photos! 🙂 The little ones joined […]