In this blog post I am answering a few questions that will help you prepare for your senior session. Enjoy, and have fun prepping for your session! Do I need to bring props? This is totally up to you. I love it if you bring props with you to your session, if the prop really […]

I thought it would be fun to do a blog post of all my brides’ dresses each year. This is from 2021. Hopefully I can do one again the beginning of 2023 for all my wonderful brides this year (2022). I hope this inspires all of you soon-to-be brides since choosing your dress can be […]

You are getting married! You are graduating! You need portraits done for you and your love. Where should you take them? Choosing the correct location can seem complicated, or overwhelming! Here are some things to consider when choosing your portrait location. Here are four location ideas: Architecture Outdoors/Grassy Fields Cityscape Lakeside/Riverside/ or beach if you […]

“What color shall I wear to my session?” This is a commonly asked question for anyone preparing for a photo session. We all want to look our utmost best at a session, but how can we do this if we don’t know what to wear? I am sharing a few simple tips below that will […]

You are thrown headfirst into wedding planning as soon as you become engaged. While you are excited,  you realize that you have never before planned a wedding. There are sooooo many things to think about, and it can quickly become overwhelming! I have some timeline suggestions, and tips, that I would love to share with […]

I love fresh cut flowers. They add a soft, beautiful touch to photos like nothing else can add.  I plant my own flowers every year, and they are ever so therapeutic when it comes to my mental health! They also remind me of the Goodness of my God! “I want fresh cut flowers at my […]

So if you really want a a good flying veil shot, what kind of veil do you need? You don’t want to have anything heavy on your veil (such as beading). It’s much easier to toss one layer of tulle than it is multiple layers. Fine tulle flies better than stiff tulle. And that’s it! […]

Candlelight is one of the most romantic types of light for a wedding reception. It has a soft warm glow that is enough to make any lover’s heart merry! I myself am a lover of warm light, and have lots of it in my own house. It creates a cozy and romantic atmosphere. However, it […]

Recently I began to realize since most weddings begin early evening, most portraits are taken during the middle of the day. This means we totally miss what I think is the most romantic light of all-golden hour light! I am now encouraging brides to allow five or ten minuets to capture golden hour photos of […]