February 23, 2023

Your Senior Session Questions Answered

In this blog post I am answering a few questions that will help you prepare for your senior session. Enjoy, and have fun prepping for your session!

Do I need to bring props?

This is totally up to you. I love it if you bring props with you to your session, if the prop really fits who you are as a person. For example, if you love music and playing violin is a part of your daily life, then yes, bring along your violin. If you are an outdoors person and love to hunt or fish, then bring your bow, or your fishing pole and tackle box to your session. If you love your shiny, new car, let me know, and we can incorporate that into your session. If you love fresh cut flowers, bring a bouquet of flowers, and I will have lots of fun creating beautiful images for you!

 If you don’t have any props you are especially thrilled about, that is perfectly okay. We can use stairsteps, gates, trees, benches, pillars, walkways, bridges, stone, waterfalls, etc. to create stunning senior portraits for you. It all depends on your preferences and what fits who you are as a person.

How many outfits changes should I have?

This depends on how much variety you prefer. Outfit changes take more time, so you will have less images, but more variety. If you prefer lots of outfit changes, I recommend a longer portrait session.

Do I dress up for my session?

I recommend at least one dressy outfit, one casual outfit, and one outfit that is casual dress up. A classic, dress-up outfit is never outdated.

What colors should I wear?

Wear colors that you enjoy. I always think a splash of color with lots of neutrals allows color to shine. For example, if you wear a light gray skirt with a dusty blue top, than wear a white sweater instead of a navy blue top, so that the blues are not competing for attention. I have a guide I email to you whenever you book a session to help you know how to think about color coordination, and things that you need to avoid.

Last but not least, just bring yourself and be prepared to have fun! Be yourself and enjoy your session!