April 5, 2022

What Colors Should You Wear?

“What color shall I wear to my session?” This is a commonly asked question for anyone preparing for a photo session. We all want to look our utmost best at a session, but how can we do this if we don’t know what to wear? I am sharing a few simple tips below that will help simplify the process, and hopefully give you an easy way to think about colors when prepping for your next session.

  1. Chose two or three colors for your session. I like to think of it this way: Add a splash of color with some neutral colors. Here are some examples:
    • Blush, Taupe, and Cream
    • Dusty Blue, Gray, and White
  2. Add variations to your colors. For example, if you choose blue, gray, and white, add some charcoal or black instead of using the same color of gray for everyone. If you choose blush, taupe, and white, add some beige instead of using just taupe. Adding variations helps to add more visual interest without clashing of colors.
  3. Coordinate colors instead of matching. After you have chosen your colors, assign a main color to each person being photographed. Coordinating colors helps to add variety and adds visual interest. Here are some examples:
    • Guy wears white as main color, and girl wears blush as main color. This means the pant color for the guy could be taupe, and the girl could add a cream colored scarf or shrug to her blush dress. (couple session)
    • Mom’s main color is blush, dad’s main color is white, first kid’s main color is taupe, second kid’s main color is beige, and third kid’s main color is blush. (family session) You can add sweaters, scarfs’, etc. to each person by using one of the colors you have chosen. Example: Mom could add cream sweater with her blush dress.
Pink/Navy/White/Beige -Main Colors: Pink and White
Dusty Blue and Navy/Blush/Beige
Pink/Navy/Black/Sage/Khaki -Can you pick the main color for each person?
Sage/White/Khaki- Notice the brown shoes which add to the visual interest of the photo.

So what if you are the only one in your photo? If you are a senior, or if you need headshots of yourself, how do you decide what to wear? The same rules still apply. You only have to make sure that your outfit coordinates. Choose a main color and then add shoes, sweater, florals, and texture. Here are some examples:

Left Photo: Black and White–Solid colored shoes with a floral dress Right Photo: Pink/White/Black

Here are some additional tips to think about:

  1. Add polka dots or florals. For example, instead of using all solid whites, wear a white shirt with pin dot polka dots. Instead of a solid blush-colored dress, wear a cream-colored dress with blush flowers.
  2. Add texture. Wear a solid color with a design. The color is still the same, but the texture adds visual interest to your colors.
  3. Add shoes that coordinate with your outfit. Example: Wear brown shoes if taupe is one of your colors, or black shoes if gray is one of your colors.

These are just a few simple things to help you with choosing outfits for your photo session. They are not hard core rules which can’t be broken, but rather guidelines that will inspire you and help you . Once you start with the above mentioned suggestions, you will most likely find creative ways to add to the ideas I have given you. It will then become fun to put outfits together! 🙂