March 28, 2022

Clark & Bethany Wedding

Clark & Bethany (Betty) had a beautiful spring wedding sprinkled with lots of lavender in the bouquets and the reception center pieces! I loved Bethany’s elegant dress style paired with the bridesmaids swishy, lavender-pink colored skirts! It also was wonderful to see Clark’s family again, since I had photographed his brother Seth’s wedding a couple of years ago. I always love reconnecting with past clients!

It started out as a rainy day. We were quite thankful it stopped raining long enough for portraits, even though the wind nearly blew us away!

The George Roger’s Clark Memorial Park is one of my favorite photo locations, and it provided a stunning backdrop for their portraits. We worked as quickly as possible, since the wind was cold, before heading over to the church for family photos.  

The reception had lavender in vases on every table. Because there wasn’t a lot of other color, the lavender “shone”. This is what I love about simple décor. You can “make something simple shine” without competing for attention, simply by using neutral-colored backdrops. The vases were set against a backdrop of white tablecloths.

The  “worm” provided a moment for lots of laughter, and Clark threatened to eat it. Much to Bethany’s relief, he decided against it! 😊

Bethany’s spunky humor paired with Clark’s hearty laughter made them such a fun couple to hang out with! The cake cutting was exciting😊, and I felt so honored to enjoy the day with them!

Congratulations, Clark & Bethany!