July 6, 2021

Fresh Flowers on a Budget.

I love fresh cut flowers. They add a soft, beautiful touch to photos like nothing else can add.  I plant my own flowers every year, and they are ever so therapeutic when it comes to my mental health! They also remind me of the Goodness of my God!

“I want fresh cut flowers at my wedding, but what if I am on a budget?”

Here are a few tips to help you, so that whenever you are a bride, you can still have that big, beautiful bouquet!

  1. The bride needs a big beautiful bouquet! It adds a beautiful touch to all her portraits. Since she will be in all the formals this is more important for her than it is for the bridesmaids. Bridesmaids won’t be in the bride and groom’s photos, and they won’t be in the family photos (unless they are family, of course!) Get smaller bouquets for the bridesmaids and spend more money on your own bouquet!
  • Reception: Choose one table to use as a centerpiece of attraction. It could be the coffee bar, dessert bar, or family table, etc. Decorate it nicely using lots of florals, a big bouquet, and lots of greenery. String greenery down the center of the guests’ tables and skip the florals for them. This will give you a rich and beautiful reception without spending money to put bouquets on every table. You could do smaller vases with flowers on guest tables if you wanted more than just greenery. Also, tapered candles are really cheap and can add a rich look to your tables. And last of all, use your appetizers as a way to decorate.
  • Spend less on small favors. Favors often get thrown away anyway!
Beautiful family table. The other tables did not have this much decor.
One center piece with tapered candles
Use your appetizers as a way to decorate.

Now you can have your fresh flowers even if you are on a budget! 😊

With love,