June 28, 2021

James & Jan Maternity

James and Jan wanted just a few maternity pictures so that they could remember this special time in their lives. They were single for many years so this particular season of life is really special for them. We met in Montgomery at the Gastholf, and used this sweeping willow as a backdrop. Since this was about halfway between where we live, it worked out really well to meet there.

James and Jan love people and it’s so much fun to chat about life with them. They understand what life is like as a single person, so maybe that’s why it is so easy to chat and connect with them! 🙂 They are delighted to be expecting a baby girl, and are already preparing themselves for the changes this will bring to their schedules. I have no doubt that they will be wonderful parents, and I can’t wait to meet their little munchkin! The process of how a baby develops inside the womb, and then miraculously appears in this world, is a wonder that never ceases to amazes me. James is a pilot and Jan is training to become one, so their little girly will probably have all sorts of amazing experiences, and travel to many interesting places!