Family, Newborn

July 23, 2021

Brandon & Emily and Kennedy Newborn Family

I first got to know Brandon and Emily through my sister-in-law Leann. She happens to be Leann’s sister and I love chatting with her and Brandon. They are some of the kindest people ever when it comes to chatting about life! 🙂 They love their little baby girl Kennedy very much. As the first child in the family, she has rocked their world for the good! They are handling the adjustments well, and baby life has become the norm!

Brandon & Emily along with baby Kennedy drove up to my house, and once again, I used my newfound country backdrop of a cornfield and trees. 🙂 The warm weather works in my favor when it comes to newborns, as they like to be warm! I have to mention the cute little outfit that Emily brought for Kennedy (first picture below). It was so summery and girlish at the same time! I declare that Emily, as well as her Mom and sisters, have a real knack when it comes to style! I’ve photographed them before, and they can put colors together so well.

Congratulations, Brandon & Emily! You are doing a great job as parents! Keep on serving the Lord and he will reward you!