August 25, 2021

Clark & Betty Engagement

We have had a super hot summer here in southern Indiana, and this special evening for Clark & Betty was no exception. We went to Jasper, Indiana and found these beautiful hydrangeas at a historic building right across from the library. Needless to say, we all did a little sweating, but lucky for us, it clouded up and the heat relented when we moved to our second location at the Jasper Parklands. We even had a storm roll in while we were at the Parklands as we were finishing up. We ran for cover before the rain hit. The Parklands has lots of water, brush, and walking trails winding their way through the park. It use to be an old golf course, but is now a nice place to fish or get some much needed exercise.

Clark & Betty’s soft muted tones went well with all the greens that we encounter here in Indiana this time of year! They didn’t mind running through the grass and sitting in the hydrangeas (which I was so overcome by) 🙂 to get these beautiful images. I admire their commitment to each other and to whatever life throws at them. They work hard at their jobs (construction/design) and are truly committed to each other. Thanks, Clark & Betty for allowing me to capture this sweet moment in your life. I can’t wait for your big day next year! 🙂