Portrait, Seniors

August 26, 2021

Jennifer Senior 2022

Jennifer drove down to Jasper to meet me at St. Joseph’s church. This old church was built from 1867-1880. The tower was completed in 1904 and the church was renovated in 1954. It looks like there is some extensive repair/renovation going on outside the church currently, so we didn’t spend as much time at this location due to all the scaffolding. Unfortunately, the 235 ft. tower has scaffolding all around it, so that wasn’t an option for a backdrop. 🙂 Thankfully we still were able to use some of the stone and beautiful landscape on the back side of the church. After we left the church we drove over to a favorite location of mine, The Jasper Parklands. This old golf course has a nice variety of outdoor settings that work perfectly to create those beautiful light-filled backdrops. The sun was in and out, and the sky looked a little dramatic towards the end as the sun was dropping. You can see this in the picture of Jennifer standing on the deck.

Jennifer is a fun-loving, talkative person. She can put anyone at ease with her humor and her kind words. She enjoys studying and plans on going to college after finishing her senior year. She was holding down two jobs this summer. Now school is in full swing and she is happily busy! 🙂 I love the soft, yet colorful colors (does that make sense? 🙂 ) Jennifer chose! A little pop of color with green or neutral backgrounds always makes me happy! Her mother kindly did some sewing for her session, and I especially love the blush color! Jennifer, I love your carefree and fun-loving attitude towards life! I felt honored to capture these photos for you to celebrate your senior year!