December 2, 2021

Travis & Donetta

Travis & Donetta’s engagement session was much colder than it appears to be in these photos. Occasionally, we had to stop and warm up!

The first place we went to was my aunt’s house near Odon, IN. I knew that Travis and Donetta were looking for something rustic and outdoors, and I was so grateful for this beautiful setting. I love the beautiful fence along this property as well as the tree lined driveway. It fit so well with their theme. Donetta loves horses and really wanted a barn as a backdrop for part of the session, so we went to my uncle’s old barn for the last part of the session. I was so grateful that the sun decided to show its warm face at the end of this session, which helped with that nice evening glow!

I’ve known Travis all my life since he happens to be one of my cousins. His Mom passed away a few years ago, and I miss stopping in and chatting with her. It makes me so sad that she is no longer with us, and I know she would be so happy and proud of Travis and Donetta! Travis has a kind heart and does a good job with whatever he does. I’ve known who Donetta was for a long time already, and remember her coming into the store where I worked when she was just a little girl. Later, I would see her out riding horses, but I never really got to know her. I have really, really enjoyed the time we have spent together already! Her sweetness makes me feel honored to know that she will be a part of our family soon!

Congratulations, Travis and Donetta! I can’t wait until your spring wedding!!!