December 23, 2021

Austin & Ciara

Austin & Ciara tied the knot this past Saturday on a very wet, cold day. Fortunately, their optimistic attitude helped them brave the cold and the wetness! We used my aunt’s lovely, white porch, near Odon, Indiana, for a few of the portraits. Then it stopped raining so were were able to capture a few in her tree lined driveway. By the time we were ready for bridal party portraits in Montgomery, Indiana, the wind was blowing quite fiercely.

One of the biggest encouragements to me was Austin and Ciara’s deep commitment to the Lord. They care about following him, and their day was filled with worship and laughter all the way through. The beautiful music during the service, and the fun-filled reception with all the stories, made for a joyous day for Austin and Ciara! Ciara’s laughter puts you at ease. Her laughter pairs so well with Austin’s thoughtfulness! Thanks, Austin and Ciara for allowing me to be a part of your special day! Keep serving the Lord, and he will abundantly bless you!