July 20, 2022

Jarett & Kaitlyn Odon, IN Wedding

Jarret and Kaitlyn had a beautiful, sunny July afternoon for their wedding, in spite of the threat of rain in the morning. The beautiful tree-lined fence just south of Cannelburg, IN, as well as the pond, and tree-lined back road, made for some gorgeous light to capture their genuine happiness!

Kaitlyn’s laughter as well as Jarret’s adoration were so sweet and precious throughout the day. I loved their quiet, yet happy dispositions, especially during the first look. Their friends made it fun, too, and their hearty laughter made bridal party pictures a blast to capture! Cutting the cake was no exception, as you can tell by the photos below!

The bouquets were as gorgeous as ever with the pink roses and beautiful eucalyptus in Kaitlyn’s bouquet, and cream colored roses in the bridesmaids lovely arrangements. This all paired so nicely with the pink dresses of the bridesmaids.

Can we just talk about all the cuteness from the nieces and nephews? Jarret and Kaitlyn adored them, and it was so much fun to see them interact with them throughout the day. Since Kaitlyn and I share a couple of nieces, it was especially special for me to capture “my” nieces interacting with her!

Let’s not forget about the big tractor send off!! It sounded somewhat like a big roar instead of a gentle putt-putt noise, as they happily left the church with balloons flying high!

Congratulations, Jarret & Kaitlyn! May you have many happy years together!