August 3, 2022

Glen & Treva Odon, Indiana Wedding

Glen and Treva had the most beautiful day for their wedding that you could imagine for a July day in southern Indiana. The morning started out warm and sunny as we gathered near the large pond in Odon, IN for all the portraits. The sun was just rising above the trees, and we were so thankful for the gorgeous day, even thought Glen’s truck decided to go on the blink on his way to the first look! 😊 If I recall correctly, it wanted to go a little too fast?! 😊

In spite of a little later start than anticipated, it was a day filled with lots of laughter and joy. Glen and Treva were all smiles almost the entire day, even when a “mouse” was found in the food. 😊 Their bridal party cheered them on all the way through the day, and they were smiling as they exited the church and let the black smoke roll!

I loved Glen and Treva’s beautiful reception. Their bridal table was gorgeous with all the candles, shrimp, goblets, and comfortable dining chairs. The bouquets were just as beautiful and completed the finishing touches on the already beautiful bridal table.  

I loved being a part of your day Glen & Treva! I loved your adoration for each other during the first look and throughout the day. It was truly precious! May God bless you with many happy years together!